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We Provide Full Range of Flooring Products for your Flooring Solutions

Total Flooring Solutions (TFS) is a specialized contractor that supplies and installs all types of carpets, PVC and Wooden Floors. TFS equipped with professionals, experienced team of people, the Qatar-based company is well positioned to add value to any project.

Total Flooring Solutions Director Lee Palmer is the driving force behind the company’s growth Palmer has over 25 years’ experience as a flooring contractor and has worked all over the world.

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TFS is not just a supplier of products. Realizing that there is more to flooring solutions than just its appearance, the company’s team tries to assist the designers and specifies in getting the right balance of aesthetics and performance. It is also important to take the budget into account when deciding about flooring products, as budget is everything for a flooring contractor and this is where TFS can help.

The company prides itself in having the skill of achieving the balance between all the deciding factors. When the flooring decision is made, it’s time for installation. TFS considers installation of the products as important as anything else. Moreover, the sales support and administration staff at TFS are aware that quick response and efficiency is required for the smooth running of a small flooring contractor.

To make sure that the customer gets the color and design right for his custom-made Carpets, TFS offers a full design and sample service. If the design is ready, the company makes a sample for approval of the client prior to production.

If the design or colors need to be developed, TFS make sure the factory sends the art work and colors to the customer until he is happy with the result. When specifying Vinyl Flooring and Rubber floors, there are more technical aspects to understand.

TFS experts try to make sure there are no expensive mistakes. The finish on the sub floor, the level and the moisture control are all equally important for a perfect job. Sub floor preparation and the choosing of the material that will give long-term performance in its environment are all things TFS can assist with. On the other hand, when choosing a wood floor you are selecting quality, you want luxury and warmth.

One thing to take into account when using wooden flooring is that different woods perform differently. Floor preparation, installation method and control of expansion are all vital factors as well, so choosing an expert for advice and installation is a must. Generally, when selecting flooring type, there are three issues to consider; performance aesthetics, and cost. Total Flooring Solutions, the flooring contractor that can balance all three aspects.

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