Sports Flooring structures for fields and playgrounds

TFS offers high performance flooring for sports fields and playgrounds

Used on track surfaces and children playgrounds, TFS’s polyurethane-based (PU) flooring structure provides high rebound and excellent impact absorption, helping athletes achieve their best performance while lowering risks of exercise-related injuries for children.

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Freedom to run, jump, turn & twist.

Available in varieties fit for both domestic and professional use. True ball bounce properties that last throughout the products lifetime. Engineered for professional grip, slide, and jump standards.

Made with Innovative Solutions

As a market and technology leader for PU solutions, our Elastan® and Elastocoat® series of coatings and
adhesives, along with a special grade of expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), Infinergy® SP, are
applied to a variety of permeable and non-permeable surfaces from athletics stadiums to school fields and

Sports hall:
For all areas of your sports facility from children to professional players, our leading sports brands offer the very best sports flooring : vinyl sports flooring with hardwood sports flooring and linoleum sports flooring. In addition, we provide complete floor and wall solutions and finishing accessories for all areas of your sports facility.
Health & Fitness:
Solutions for each area which ensure your members and coaches train in a comfortable and safe environment. From the welcome area to the changing rooms, we have solutions for each area of your fitness club. Our products can be installed with minimum disturbance over existing floors and will withstand the most aggressive uses.
Outdoor play area:
Playability and protection Sport Floor surfaces are designed for a wide variety of sports, providing great playability and protection. A number of temporary or permanent applications are possible, from multi-sport school facilities to multiuse game areas and all kinds of sporting events.