Traditional Mosque carpets

Traditional Mosque carpets Fitters in Qatar

Traditional Mosque carpets are used as floor coverings for rooms and halls in religious buildings

TFS provides contemporary and innovative designs that reflects Islamic architecture and are suitable for any design of mosques and praying rooms. We are a leading service provider when it comes to mosque flooring and the main reason for this success is our service and commitment towards our work. Also our mosque carpets are approved by AWQAF department

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Traditional Mosque carpets are two types

There are two types of carpets used in mosques. The first type is known as the round-shaped mosque carpet; it includes traditional motifs and reflects Islamic culture. The other type known as the lined mosque carpet includes a modern layout and solid colors; these models are able to offer simplicity and elegance at the same time.

Traditional Carpets Collection

These are handmade carpets with classic patterns, telling stories with traditional symbolism, motifs and cohesive colour. A varied range of carpet flooring in a combination of themes, materials and qualities to match a plethora of styles.

Hygiene and Comfort:
Besides comfort, another thing to consider when buying mosque carpets is hygiene. Hygiene is essential in religious places where for people to be able to feel comfortable while praying and Çelebizade Mosque Carpets is ready to help with this subject. Applied to religious places where a lot of people visit daily, Çelebizade Mosque Carpets are known to be the source of hygiene, aesthetic, and comfort.
Comfortable and Durable:
Another essential quality to look for in mosque carpets is durability. Essential part of the Islamic culture, durable mosque models offer comfort during prayer. Long-lasting mosque carpets also bring a breath of fresh air where applied and create light and spacious atmosphere.
Hightech Mosque Carpets:
As technology develops, so do the mosque carpet models. Modern mosque carpet models aim to change the atmosphere of mosques with their colors and patterns.
Comfort is Priority:
These carpet models stand out among others because they are very comfortable. You can offer comfortable solutions to religious places with mosque carpet models which are exclusively manufactured to create the most comfortable environment possible for praying. Round-shaped mosque carpets are the most preferred options among the mosque carpet models. They are applied in precision so that the sumptuous round-shaped in the heart of the carpet is situated right below the main source of light in mosques. These carpet models create an elegant atmosphere in mosques.