Handtufted Flooring in Qatar

Handtufted Carpet Flooring in Qatar

The Handtufted Carpet quality is suitable for any area; from stair-runner and presidential suite to corridor and inset lobby.

Handtufted Carpet rugs also make heavy use of natural materials, particularly wool. However, since handtufted carpet rugs are far less labor-intensive than hand-knotted rugs, artisans are more willing to use different fabrics to construct the rug and in many cases, hand-tufted rugs are all but indistinguishable from their hand-knotted cousins when seen from the front, though there aren’t as many imperfections.

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What Is a Handtufted Rug?

A Handtufted carpet is made partially by hand and partially by a mechanized tool. This type of carpet is made of wool.  A Handtufted carpet is made by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame with the help of a hand-operated tool. This process is not very time-intensive and does not require the same level of skill that hand-knotting does.  After piling with wool, the carpet is removed from the frame. A Handtufted carpet will have some sort of a backing to hold the tufts in place. Often a scrim fabric is glued to the back. To complete the carpet, a fringe is added by either sewing or gluing it on.

Why Choose Handtufted Carpet?

The handtufted carpet are those created without tying any knot. Preferably, a tufting gun pins strands of fiber into a frame of cotton cloth. Unlike a hand-knotted area rug, handtufted carpets take less time to produce, hence significantly reducing the production cost. As a consequence, tufted carpets and runners are quite affordable.

The Handtufted carpet small or extra-large, it takes less time to produce them. An average rug sizing 8’x10′ can take up to 5-10 days(excluding dying of wool) to complete. While hand knotted area carpets are expensive, tufted carpets can mimic knotted carpets but at very low cost. Handtufted area carpets are definitely not as durable as hand knotted carpets but they do last for long.
Shape, Size & Colour:
Handtufted carpets also come in small and very large sizes. These carpets also come in all shapes like round, square triangle, animal figures, and birds. If you are looking for a custom handtufted carpet, contact Total Flooring Solutions. Another great advantage of tufted carpet is that its made in plenty of colors. Match your flooring with the walls or the curtains. You can choose the color that decorates your room more beautiful.
With the sturdiness of natural wool, this type of carpets holds up well in most areas. In fact, with proper care, a durable handtufted carpet can last 10-20 years. The affordability of these carpets makes them easy to swap out in family-friendly spaces, since wool stains are easily cleaned by simple blotting. Just don’t over saturate your carpet’s fibers, which will cause the backing to dissolve.
Some handtufted carpets may yellow as their under-coating falls apart over time. Protecting your carpet with a rug pad and proper room placement can help to slow this process. Weekly vacuuming will preserve the raw, earnest quality that comes from their organic materials.