Total Flooring Solutions W.L.L – Choosing the right flooring for your project can make all the difference. Whether it is a matter of deciding the most suitable color for your carpet or if you need a technical to a problem flooring area that is not performing either way.

Total Flooring
exclusive solid wood flooring
Armstrong exclusive solid wood flooring from Germany for the heavy ware and high end Residential projects.  Total flooring is built to meet the design, performance and budget needs of every pro project.
engineered wood flooring
Semi-solid and engineered wood flooring from Europe for that solid floor feel at a lower cost.  Engineered wood flooring is a more affordable option, but it can’t be refinished to extend its lifespan.
rigid core flooring
Total Flooring Solutions offer products with maximum durability, beautiful designs and innovative technology in vinyl sheet, luxury vinyl tile and rigid core to meet the unique demands and price points for your business.


Total Flooring Solutions W.L.L - QATAR

Total Flooring Solutions also offers Armstrong linoleum and PVC flooring from Europe for the health care and institutional projects, homogeneous PVC for the residential and commercial space, as well as heterogeneous multi layer designer PVC for retail and boutique type areas.

The company offers specialist flooring solutions as well like NP access flooring from Europe, covering all available panel types, wood core and cementacious from the basic computer floors to the marble clad heavy duty systems.

It also provides REP HOUSE sports flooring and surfaces, PVC roll products from Germany, applied rubber floors from Malaysia and suspended wood floors from Europe and the USA, as well as applied silicon quartz chip flooring for those special designer areas from Belgium. From Doha Islamic Museum to the Education City,

Total Flooring Solutions Flooring Carpets
woven and tufted carpets
Wool Rich, custom made woven and tufted carpets for the hospitality industries from Far East and Europe. A full range of specifications to suite rooms, corridors, restaurants, etc.
Commercial broad-loom carpets
Commercial broad-loom carpets, in the forms using the latest man-made and natural fibers.  For commercial projects with big design ambitions or large floor surfaces, a wall-to-wall carpet – also called a broadloom carpet – can be the ideal choice.
Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tiles, from Asia, Europe and the USA covering the full spectrum of cost and qualities to suite customer’s requirements.
Total Flooring Solutions for handtfuted carpet
Handtufted and 100% wool carpets for the very top end exclusive residential markets.  It provides softness, an excellent natural appearance, long-life, making it a family preferred that won’t compromise on style and aesthetic.